Pure tea

        naturally concentrated

We see nature as a role model and source of strength, health and well-being. TeaTime produces exclusively pure natural products with hand selected ingredients. Artificial ingredients have no place in our range.
There is also no need because mother nature provides plenty of sustainability. TeaTime is not a mass-produced product and is
specifically intended for nutritionally conscious individuals.

Infuse and

        enjoy straight away.

TeaTime is a real tea in concentrated form which can be easily prepared in seconds at any time of day. Depending on the mood
you can infuse TeaTime concentrates with hot or cold water and
enjoy straight away. Only 6 kcal in 100 ml of ready to drink tea!
TeaTime is an ideal thirst quencher.

Great for

your time


Enjoy the best tea compositions

without “waiting”.


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Better for your environment


Glass consciously chosen over plastic • Responsibly regional • Pure natural product


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Best of

all for you


Natural ingredients delicately refined -
a good deed for body and spirit


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