Pure tea naturally concentrated.

"Only carefully selected ingredients are used in our tea production.

Our careful processing means that we can guarantee natural products"

The product - mass production versus quality


Pay close attention to the ingredients! Healthy and “genuine” foodstuffs are very much in fashion, and we want to offer this to our customers in the valuable commodity of tea. We can really use a natural balance when faced with a variety
of tasks and a challenging day. In line with Manfred Haider’s vision, pure tea leaves and herbs are utilised in a delicate process to create a natural concentrate.


This does not involve extraction or hydration. 100% of all the valuable ingredients brought to us in the tea remain in the product.

Enjoy tea without the fuss


Making tea is a harmonising and coming ritual when

you have enough time to do so. But sometimes it’s not just

the time that's missing but also the equipment. In an office, for example

it's not always possible to infuse tea according to traditions of old. Our solution is - to have both!


“I want to enjoy tea with all the “ritual”, but I don't have the time.”

TeaTime products are the ideal solution Our naturally pure

tea simply needs infusing with hot or cold water and

can be enjoyed straight away. Ready in seconds without infusion time.


Only the best ingredients - regional and international


Real tea comes, of course, from many growing regions across the world. Ceylon from today's Sri Lanka, Assam from North East India, Rooibos from South Africa, green tea from China. We source these tea varieties from specialist and certified importers in Hamburg. We source our high quality herbs from Austria. Exclusively from selected and certified farmers and their cooperatives.


It is very important to us that the merchandise is subject to fair trade!

Only when all participants achieve a fair price has sustainability been created; we believe that sustainability not only relates to

the product but also to the people behind it.

Pure flavour needs almost no sugar


Sugar is not required for our product. There are many products on the market for which sugar or a sugar solution is the basis for the product
(e.g. syrup). Our products contain, if at all, just 0 - 0.5 or 11 kcal per 100 ml
of ready to drink tea.

The production


You'll find no big industrial equipment with us. TeaTime tea production is simply about working with your hands. Many steps are possible with technology but do not deliver the same result.


Just as naturally occurring ingredients can differ from harvest to harvest

the same applies to the production. Only a good “chef”

can guarantee consistent quality.

TeaTime and the environment


We use glass bottles exclusively which are 100 % recyclable.
Glass bottles may be slightly more expensive but we feel comfortably reassured that these are not going to be dumped in the ocean, but rather

left in the appropriate recycling containers and will be reused many times.


Thanks to our method and our production process we are also able
to work far more efficiently and thereby save vast amounts of energy.


Last but not least, the ground tea or tea mash is composted and is
now widely used as a natural fertilizer in the garden.

The natural cycle is thus achieved, something we are very proud of.

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